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ViaTalk Dial Method

If you’re a ViaTalk VoIP subscriber, you can dial through ViaTalk with Dialectic to place a call over the Internet. When you dial, ViaTalk will call you at your ViaTalk number; when you answer, ViaTalk will dial the requested number to complete the call.

To help configure Dialectic for dialing with the ViaTalk Dial Method, we offer a free script on the Resources page (see the “General Dialing Configuration” section):


You can also access this script from within Dialectic itself by selecting the “Configuration Utilities…” menu item from the Main Menu.

viatalk Dial Method annotated

1 ViaTalk Dial Method Category. The group of all ViaTalk Dial Method configurations.

2 ViaTalk Dial Method Configurations. Configurations allow you to customize the ViaTalk Dial Method using different accounts for different types of calls or locales.

3 Username. Your username for signing into your ViaTalk account.

4 Password. Your password for signing into your ViaTalk account.

5 Your Phone Number. Your ViaTalk phone number.

6 External Link. Link to external site for more information about ViaTalk.


Open ViaTalk Dial Method Configurations

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