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Dialectic can make your life much easier by eliminating the complexities required to dial phone numbers. This utility can handle phone numbers from a variety of sources, identify the call type (e.g., local or toll-free), route the call to the appropriate Dial Method for the call type (e.g., landline, mobile, softphone, VoIP service, etc.), and format the number as appropriate. Set it up and then simply select a number and Dialectic takes care of the rest sending it to your phone device or service so all that’s left for you is to talk. Dialectic will even mute iTunes, pause the DVD you’re watching, or any number of other system tasks (extensible using AppleScript) to make your life easier. This saves you time & aggravation and even makes dialing fun!

To enable this automation, however, requires some preparation on your part as you configure Dialectic. In particular, you need to create Locations with your Dialing Rules tailored to your phone setup and create Dial Method configurations.

Going further, to really take advantage of Dialectic’s capabilities, you can configure it to modify your system when dialing, monitor incoming phone calls, enable advanced methods to find and access phone numbers and more. To get started, please see the related links below.


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