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Version: 1.2
Release Date: January 16, 2010
Script Type: Editable
License: Freeware (GPL)
Installation: Download, expand, and place in the Scripts folder for easy access via the Script Menu.
Description: Microsoft has added sync support for contacts in Entourage and Address Book. This is great news but the sync isn’t complete. When syncing from Entourage to Address Book, Entourage’s category designations are not matched to Address Book’s groups. Also, the “me card” designated in Entourage is transferred to Address Book but the “my card” flag in not. This script resolves these issues. It will go through your contacts in Entourage, determine the name of the categories to which they are assigned and will place the same contacts in Address Book (matched by name) in matching groups (it will create the groups if they do not already exist). The script will also set the “my card” flag for your contact and, if you choose to, it will also remove empty groups from the Address Book when done.